Commercial relationships

Managing commercial relationships means efficiently managing contract creation, implementation, and assessing relational performance to manage risk. Good contract management results in better relationships for everyone: no surprises, fewer disputes, and fewer debates because everyone understands their respective obligations. Contract management doesn't mean overlawyering: agreements can still be simple to read, quick to create, and easy to work with - but with good management contracts can reflect the whole understanding between the parties. If a business engages in frequent long-term contracts, has a concerning business arrangement, or is thinking of having a contract prepared or need a review performed on a contract being presented to it, managing contracts can both speed the process and offer greater clarity with respect to financial and performance obligations.

Food sector businesses buy and sell the world's most fragile, sensitive, and perishable goods, often doing so on a basis that's closer to a handshake and a promise than a full contemplation of what to do if things go sour. This approach exposes food businesses to undue risks. Simple discussions about contracts can reveal liabilities and insurable risks into which a business can unknowingly enter. Once contemplated, food businesses can protect themselves by revisiting the terms of their contracts or by purchasing one of a number of insurance products that are designed to offset specific risks encountered by food businesses.

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Creditor proofing
Advising on director and officer liability
Performing due diligence
Preparing special purpose entities and  corporate structures
Borrower-lender agreements

Contract Management and reviews
Assessment of Short-mid-long term risk
Drafting for unique relationships