Intellectual Property

All food sector businesses create and licence intellectual property, from the smallest start-up to the largest multinational corporation. Identifying where that intellectual property resides is critical to an enterprise's ability to exercise control over its toolkit. Some intellectual property is protected by statute: copyrights, trademarks and patents. In Canada, most intellectual property that encountered by business is confidential business information, or trade secrets. This is the secret sauce that gives your company its competitive edge. It needs protection.

There are always competing issues in IP related issues. For example, in confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements the disclosing party needs assurance that what is being disclosed is not to be used by the receiving party for its own benefit; and the receiving party needs to know that it won't be prevented from continuing its work on other projects without the threat of lawsuit.

GSJ&Co frequently works with clients to draft confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, as well as agreements for supplier and customer relationships. We work to protect confidential business information and to manage risk when dealing with third-parties. We're experienced drafters, negotiators and reviewers, and we can help clients protect their intangible assets, including ingredients and recipes to labelling, marketing and branding.

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Management of confidential business information and trade secrets
Non-disclosure, Confidentiality, Non-competition, and Non-solicitation agreements
Managing informational exchanges for supplier and customer relationships
Copyright licensing, transfers, and related issue reviews and opinions