Regulatory Compliance

Federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government can impose different obligations on food sector businesses that include sector specific regulations, licences, approvals, and taxes. Understanding how to become and remain compliant with regulations is critical.

A food lawyer can identify issues before they become problems requiring enforcement, or, if regulatory compliance has come under question, work with agencies to create solutions with a view to protecting your reputation, your client base, and your business. Having a lawyer who understands the complex interweaving of food regulations enables organizations to avoid risk and build a stable and compliant foundation from which they can grow their business and avoid needless appearances before tribunals, suspensions, and rejections of licensing, applications and transfers.

We help clients work with

Health Canada
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
(Formerly Industry Canada)
Environment and Climate Change Canada
(Formerly Environment Canada)
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Public Health Agency of Canada
Canadian Agricultural Review Tribunal
Agriculture and Agrifood Canada
Other Federal Regulators and Agencies
Ontario Public Health
Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Agricultural and Marketing Boards/Tribunals
Other Provincial Regulators
Various Municipalities Throughout Ontario


Product Licensing
Site Licensing
Advertising and Marketing
Packaging and Labelling
Formulations and ingredient reviews
Product Claims
Manufacturing and Distribution
Consumer Protection
Safety Issues
Food Import/Export
Regulatory Fines and Penalties
Supply Management