Episode 7: Kristie Jameson and Brian Holley on the Fundamental Act of Gardening / by Glen Jameson

This episode is about the fundamental act of gardening. It's about enabling people who hadn't yet had the privilege to become literate in nutrition or experience growing food or stewardship of land. And it's about the net effect of that agency and enablement. 

Initially I had intended this podcast to be on the impossibility of taking the political out of the NFP/Charitable sector, you know - real charities law focused as it relates to food policy. I learned instead that two guests are harder to manage than one, and that interviewing family is a different beast than interviewing anyone else. The old adage: the lawyer who represents him-or-herself has a fool for a client. Well, I think that may extend to family (sorry, family!). But it was also immensely pleasurable to listen to Kristie and Brian, to learn about how their two completely different organizations share quite a bit despite completely different geographies and stakeholder groups. But let's be a little more honest: this also might just be an opportunity to celebrate some talented members of my family. 

Discussed in this episode:

Food First NL
"Engaging Communities: Achieving Healthier Weights through Community Food Security in Remote Inuit Populations" and The Good Food Box
Naples Botanical Gardens
NBG Garden to Table Program
Philly Green
Jabuticaba Fruit (also known as the Brazilian Grapetree)
Pumpkin Pie Fruit (Mamey Sapote)
Ripe From Downtown (Cleveland)
Nunatsiavut Government - Labrador
Hurricane Igor - Newfoundland
Root Cellars Rock!
Rodale - Permaculture