Glenford speaks at MSU Food Law Conference by Glen Jameson

On June 20, Glenford presented at the remarkable Michigan State College of Law’s Global Food Law Conference on current issues. He provided attendees with a deep dive analysis on food fraud prosecutions in Ontario arising from investigations by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency over the past several years, including R. v. Mucci, R. v. Creation Foods, R. v. AMCO, R. v. Thomas Canning, and R. v. Eastern Meat Solutions.

Michigan State’s Food Law program is a world-leader in developing food law education and resources. Glenford teaches Canadian Food Law and Regulation as part of the college’s Masters program.

Precedent Magazine Recognizes Glenford Jameson with 2017 Precedent Setter Award by Glen Jameson

Precedent Magazine has named Glenford Jameson amongst six exceptional lawyers in their first ten years of practice who demonstrate professional excellence and a commitment to community service. Glenford, who continues to work hard to develop a nascent area of law also volunteers his time with learning farms and professional bodies. Check out the article here and learn more about his professional and volunteer activities here

Glenford interviewed by Yahoo Finance on Consumer Protection and Food Labels by Glen Jameson

Glenford was interviewed by Yahoo Finance journalist Andrew Seale in light of recent criminal charges brought by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency against Creation Food Co. and director Kefir Sadiklar. “Labeling in this country is heavily regulated – there are significant fines (under criminal law), there’s every reason in the world not to do what’s happened in this camp,” said Glenford Jameson, “There are always a few actions here or there from the CFIA, but we’re seeing a real uptick.”

The article can be found here.