Know your picanhas from your kogelbiefstuk, CFIA and USDA create uniform meat cuts by Glen Jameson

In a world of near-infinite ways to butcher beef and other meats, North America has decided upon one unified way to prepare chicken breasts, beef hips and lamb chops and legs, which will now have the same meaning both north and south of the 49th parallel.

Great news for an importing/exporting wholesaler. And if you like your meat some other way (particularly if it crosses over cuts), remember to seek out and thank your local butcher who buys whole/half cows and can still make your picanha world cup dreams come true. #Brazil2014

The 2014 Budget is good for beer brewers and drinkers by Glen Jameson

The 2014 Budget has promised to take away antiquated restrictions on Canadians that prevents them from taking alcohol from one province to another and will create more flexible standards for experimental brewers. Given Ontario's booming craft brewing industry and expanding craft brewing consumption, both of these developments should create a more dynamic and competitive marketplace. Just remember that those hints of cardamom or nutmeg in your craft porter might not be from some nuanced and clever use of traditional ingredients after all: they'll actually be from a measured use of cardamom, or nutmeg.