legislative change

The 2014 Budget is good for beer brewers and drinkers by Glen Jameson

The 2014 Budget has promised to take away antiquated restrictions on Canadians that prevents them from taking alcohol from one province to another and will create more flexible standards for experimental brewers. Given Ontario's booming craft brewing industry and expanding craft brewing consumption, both of these developments should create a more dynamic and competitive marketplace. Just remember that those hints of cardamom or nutmeg in your craft porter might not be from some nuanced and clever use of traditional ingredients after all: they'll actually be from a measured use of cardamom, or nutmeg.

Food Security in India. Can India afford it? Can they afford not to have it? by Glen Jameson

Linked below is an interesting analysis of India's new Food Security Act by the International Monetary Fund. The Act creates significant subsidies on rice, cereals and other grains in an effort to ensure that the Indian population can afford to eat, but the IMF also identifies the short and long term financial burdens that such a program will place on India's treasury. It will be interesting to see what kinds of near-term measurable effects are achieved by this legislation, outside of the immediate financial burden that any straight-line accounting could demonstrate. Depending on what effects are measured and to what degree they affect Indians could determine future legislative approaches food security legislation for many other nations.