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G. S. Jameson & Company provides timely, sensible, and accessible legal advice to the food enterprise community.

We are lawyers licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and we perform corporate-commercial, not-for-profit, regulatory, and contractual IP legal work. We make sure that organizations have agreements in place so they can build on relationships with partners, suppliers, and investors. We help not-for-profit boards achieve goals within their legal frameworks, and help create business succession plans and talent retention policies. We prepare organizations for growth, so they are ready when opportunity presents itself.

Our unique set of skills are sector focused, so we can speak to industry norms and culture. We can engage in the goals and values of food organizations in a way that others cannot. Our ability to understand your food organization is critical to the provision of a great legal product that is well executed and thought through. And when an organization combines their talents with a great legal product, you're left with clean, orderly and creative solutions to the complex problems that any food organization is confronted with on a regular basis.

But we're not a traditional firm and it's important to us for our clients and supporters to know our overarching vision and mission and how we're getting there.

You shouldn't have to choose between a lawyer that can put together secure and certain transactions, guide complex regulatory matters and sound business advice versus a lawyer that works to enrich the fabric of their community. In fact, we think they're linked: without your support and patronage, we would be unable to volunteer, comment on policy and regulation, reach out to students and offer guidance to new businesses and not-for-profits who need help but are otherwise unable to afford counsel. So we want to take a moment to thank you as well as to explain our ethos and how it relates to our work.

Our Food Policy Rate replaces the traditional law firm idea of offering limited pro-bono services to a small group of clients. It is designed as a tool to help increase access to justice for organizations that have a demonstrable commitment to food policy, food security, sustainability and other similar activities. We see our Food Policy Rate as being a fair way to reward organizations that hold similar values as GSJ & Co. by decreasing the impact of proper legal services on their bottom lines: Our Food Policy Rate clients are able to afford due diligence, full agreements, secure transactions, and lowered exposure to problems that businesses face. 

We are committed to public service, which we consider critical to the ethos of our firm. When we volunteer as directors on not-for-profits and charities, join or lead committees and executives, and simply lend a hand, we learn about practical matters that we aren't exposed to in our practice. It improves our ability to understand client problems and helps our community organizations do their jobs better.

We understand that you don't hire us for this stuff. You hire us for our high level of professionalism, our nuanced understanding of legal systems and risk, and our sector-specific understanding your business. But we want you to know that when you choose to work with us you're helping to improve our communities through better food policy and stronger community food organizations. That's important to us.

It is a privilege to work with our clients and supporters. We're looking forward to working with even more likeminded folks each day. Email us at info@gsjameson.com to schedule a consultation or learn more.

We look forward to working with you.

- Glenford
Lawyer and Principal, G.S. Jameson & Company