Glenford Featured in Article on Starting an E-commerce Business / by Glen Jameson

Glenford was interviewed by Dayna Winter on the legal considerations involved in starting an e-commerce food business. In the post, considerations relating to marketing, advertising, product selection and legal liability arising from the production or sale of food. Glenford is quoted both on legal considerations as well as best ethical practices that successful businesses undertake:

“My best clients typically ask themselves ethical questions about their actions, their suppliers, how they treat their customers, their employees, and how they impact the world. When they approach problems in that way they're typically in a better position to maintain the respect and goodwill of the community that they operate in as well as from their customers. Respect and goodwill are hard to earn and they're pretty easy to lose. Even though that has nothing to do with the law per se it's a really important M.O.” - Glenford