Episode 1: Carly Dunster and how to build a happier kitchen / by Glen Jameson

On Episode 1 of Welcome to the Food Court, Glenford speaks with Carly Dunster, an employment and workplace lawyer with Turnpenny Milne LLP, a member of the Toronto Food Policy Council, an author of a chapter in the text International Food Law and Policy, and a lawyer passionate about food.

Carly and Glenford discuss the Kate Burnham Complaint, Jen Agg’s Kitchen Bitches Conference (which is taking place tomorrow and has a remarkable line-up of talent from the hospitality sector), Rene Redzepi and David Chang’s perspective on managing a kitchen, and examine some of the opportunities available to restaurant owners and managers to create a better workplace. about how to design a healthier hospitality kitchen by asking the question: are 21st century chefs still working in 20th century work environments?

Carly is developing a set of workplace policies designed specifically for hospitality businesses, and we discuss how often overlooked legal policies could to help design a more stable and fair workplace. 

You can find Carly on Twitter at @CarlyADunster.

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