Edible Magazines publish profile on G.S. Jameson & Company and Food Fraud by Glen Jameson

Glenford is featured in the winter edition of Edible Toronto and Edible Ottawa, examining the issue of food fraud in the Canadian market. In his interview with Patrick Langston, Glenford described the issue of declining public trust in food, food laws, and how this decline in trust may be affecting Canadian food regulators:

“In the last few years, we’ve seen a massive decrease in public trust in food. It’s similar to public distrust in the media. We’ve come to a place where folks have wild takes on what’s safe and what’s not safe, and GMOs, and farming practices and ethics, and allergens. It’s a difficult space to be for any Canadian consumer right now. I think that the CFIA is acknowledging that there’s a public trust issue by deciding to prosecute a bunch of these files. What’s been heartening to watch is that they’re becoming much better at prosecuting them.”

You can find the full article here.

OMNI TV Interviews Glenford Jameson on Safe Food For Canadians Act and effect of new legislation on recalls by Glen Jameson

Glenford was interviewed by Gianpietro Nagliati of OMNI TV News, for the Italian language edition of the program. Speaking on recalls, Glenford spoke to the power of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the Food and Drugs Act and the new Safe Food for Canadians Act.

You can watch part one of the news story here: https://www.omnitv.ca/on/it/videos/entra-in-vigore-il-safe-food-for-canadians-act-nuove-regole-per-aumentare-la-sicurezza-del-cibo-parte-1/

CBC Marketplace Interviews Glenford for Investigation into Processed Products by Glen Jameson

CBC’s Charlsie Agro interviewed Glenford Jameson for a national CBC Marketplace investigation into the regulation of country or origin labeling for apple juice and other processed products.

The show’s argument: Canadian labels can just add water to make a product “Made in Canada” and that such a labeling framework allows for misleading marketing to the average Canadian consumer. You can find the CBC Marketplace episode featuring Glenford’s interview here, and below is a twitter thread addressing the issue:

Third Annual Canadian Food Law and Policy Conference held in Quebec City this Week by Glen Jameson

three years ago, Glenford and Schulich School of Law professor Jamie Baxter designed and executed the first national conference on food law and policy in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This week marks the third edition of this event.

Taking place at Université Laval in Quebec City, the focus of this conference is on innovations in agrifood law and will address issues in labelling, the Safe Food For Canadians Act, food fraud, class actions, and many other topics from professionals who are lawyers, government officials, policymakers, industry, and civil society.

Glenford will be speaking on the development of food law and policy in Canada and on the development of the Canadian Association of Food Law and Policy.

To learn more about the conference, please visit foodlaw.ca